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We share with you a Topic Overview every few weeks, to let you know the kinds of things we are getting upto in Preschool! We are not expecting you to complete the activities at home, we're just letting you know what we are teaching and covering. We know children more often than not come home and tell you they've done 'nothing' all day! So this way, you know they are busy doing lots of different activities and learning lots of new thing!

The examples below show our coverage for Spring and Summer during the academic year 22/23. They will be tweaked and changed appropriately, depending on the children's needs and development but our Topics will be the same! We change different things in our environment to follow the children's interests. For example, if the children all decide to play cafe's but our Topic is Winter animals, we will change the role play area to follow what they are enjoying. This applies to any area of the classroom. 



The Summer Term progressively gets busier and busier! We start Summer 1 learning about plants and growth then link this to learning the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Naturally, this moves onto Minibeasts which is always great fun and there's lots of things we can do outside! 

Rhyme 1.JPGRhyme 2.JPG

Jack 1.JPGJack 2.JPG

Mini 1.JPGMini 2.JPG

In Summer 2 we move onto learning about our world, the animals and different places and countries they live. We also think about how we can look after our planet! 

World 1.JPGWorld 2.JPG

Summer 1.JPGSummer 2.JPG



The first few weeks are all abotu getting to know the children, assessing where they are starting and seeing what they can do through the Topic 'All About Me.' We talk to the children lots to get to know them, what they like and enjoy and encourage them to build confidence when talking to new adults and friends. 




Homes and Houses 1.PNG

homes and houses 2(1).PNG




We learn all about Winter during the start of the Spring Term. Thinking about what Winter is, how do we know the season has changed? What do we wear? How is it different to other seasons? We also think and talk about animals who like to live in the snow and learn about where in the world they are! 

We also celebrate Eric Carle during this half term. For three weeks we focus on different stories he has written. We create art pieces using his skills and ideas from the books illustrations. We learn about the animals and mix colours to paint and decorate them! 

Winter 3.JPG

Winter 4.JPG

Eric C.JPGEric C 2.JPG

Following on from the animals we learn about in the Eric Carle stories, we start Spring 2 by learning about Farms! Then, move onto signs of Spring; how we spot changes in our envinronment, baby animals and the life cycle of a chick. We also learn about Easter and have an introduction to the Easter story, a visit from our school Vicar and we talk about new life, linking this to Easter egg activities. 

Farms 1.JPGFarms 2.JPG

Spring 2.JPGSpring 1.JPG

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