Special Educational Needs

At Stapeley Broad Lane CE Primary School we believe in equality of opportunity for all children. We recognise that there are children within our school who may have difficulty with their learning and/or who have a disability, which prevents or hinders them from accessing the education normally provided for children of their age group. We also recognise that some children simply learn in a different way and may have specific strengths and weaknesses which affect the way in which they learn.

We strive to plan and deliver the curriculum in a varied and dynamic way, ensuring that we cater for children who have a range of learning styles and preferences. We are a fully inclusive school and aim to meet the needs of all learners within the mainstream classroom.

We acknowledge that all teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of the children in their class, including those children who may have support from teaching assistants. High-quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

Our ongoing programme of assessment, observations of children and scrutiny of work throughout school supports us in the identification of children who have particular learning issues or who are not making adequate progress given their age and individual circumstances. This can be characterised by progress which:

· is significantly slower than that of their peers starting from the same baseline
· does not match or better the child’s previous rates of progress
· does not close the attainment gap between the child and their peers
· widens the attainment gap

Some pupils will need additional, often short term support to give them a ‘boost’ at certain times in their school life. This support is discussed with parents and includes interventions such as Cool Connections / Resilience,  Inference and IDL to help in specific areas such as reading, maths, emotional awareness etc. These children will be placed on a SEND First Concerns register. Class teachers monitor and evaluate this additional support through class provision maps.

Some pupils have needs or difficulties that will necessitate us taking more personalised action to remove barriers to learning. SEND Support takes the form of a four-part cycle (assess, plan, do, review) School Focus Plan, with a growing understanding of the pupil’s needs and what supports the pupil in making good progress, so securing good outcomes. SEND Support draws on more detailed approaches, more frequent reviews and more specialist expertise in successive cycles in order to match interventions to the SEND of the pupil.

Where a pupil continues to make less than expected progress, despite evidence-based support and interventions that are matched to the child’s area of need, we will consider involving outside agencies and specialists. Parents will be involved in any decision to involve specialists and informed of what was discussed and agreed. SENCO, teacher, parent and specialist should agree the outcomes to be achieved through the support, including a date by which progress will be reviewed. School will arrange to meet parents at least three times a year.

Where, despite the school having taken relevant and purposeful action to identify, assess and meet their SEND needs, the child has not made expected progress, the school will consider requesting an Education, Health and Care needs assessment (EHC).

From September 2014, all schools had to publish their school Offer, describing the provision available in, and to, the school. Our SEND Information Report can be found below and our School Offer can be accessed below too.

Our SEND policy and the progress of actions in our Accessibility Plan can be seen by clicking on the relevant links below.

Click on the link to go to the Live Well Cheshire East website. This details the Cheshire East Local Offer. 

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