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Holiday Request Form - Holidays should not taken during term time except in Exceptional Circumstances. The school has, in collaboration with fellow Nantwich Education Partnership schools, agreed that absence in term time will only be granted for the day of Weddings and Funerals.


 Notification of Absence Form - If your child needs to be away from school for an appointment (e.g. Doctors) please complete, preferable with a week's notice.



In general, school staff cannot legally be required to administer medication or supervise a pupil taking it.

However, all staff in school have a duty to act as any reasonable prudent parent would, to make sure that pupils in their care are healthy and safe and this might extend to administering medicine or taking action in an emergency. Parents also have a duty to ensure that appropriate rest and recuperation are provided for their ill children.

We will:

  • Administer prescription medicines during the school day if absolutely necessary (i.e. in cases where a child has been prescribed medicine to be taken 4 times per day)
  • Require parents to complete a consent form detailing doses and times. Medicines should be handed in at the school office – in the original packaging clearly labelled with the dosage and the child’s name.
  • Store prescribed medication safely
  • Document administration
  • Administer calpol to relieve pain, following discussion with, and the agreement of, parents in one-off situations.                           

We will not:

  • Administer non-prescription medication unless agreed with the Headteacher
  • Routinely administer any aspirin or ibuprofen-based medicines unless prescribed by a doctor (see first and fifth bullet points above).
  • Accept medicines presented by children or without a completed “administration” form

Medication and Off-site Activities

  • A named member of staff has responsibility for management of medication. This person must be given all the relevant information in writing by the parents. Where this is difficult, a ‘phone conversation with school staff must occur. We will not accept medicines presented by pupils.
  • For residential visits, parents are asked to give written consent for the use of mild analgesics if required

We ask parents to help by:

  • Administering medicines out of school hours wherever possible –three doses per day can be administered before and after school and just before bedtime, so will not be administered in school.
  • Offering to administer medication during the school day themselves
  • Ensuring that medicines are ‘in date’ and collecting medication no longer required
  • Ensuring that current and accurate medical information is passed to the office

Medicine Form - Should your child still need medicine to be given during school hours (including residential trips) please complete.



eeZeeTrip - Click here to pay for school dinners, trips etc.



We use an online booking system for performance tickets, extra-curricular clubs and parents' evening appointments.

 Parents' Evening Booking System - Click here to book an appointment.



School Lunch Menus are available here. The weekly newsletter states which week we are working from



Uniform can be obtained from "School's In" on Hospital Street in Nantwich.

Please ensure that all items of uniform are named. Apart from other sources, labels can be sourced from STIKINS at stikins