Investors in Pupils

We were the First School In Cheshire to Gain this Award and have since successfully been re-assessed (September 2018 and February 2021) and continue to meet its criteria!

What is “Investors in Pupils”?

  • It is a charter mark, originating from the West Yorkshire Local Authorities, designed to develop pupils’ responsibility and participation in their own education
  • It can empower all pupils, increase motivation and contribute to raising standards throughout the Key Stages

It has at its core the following Important Features

  • Pupils begin to understand how schools work.
  • Pupils will become involved with their own education.
  • Pupils will begin to take responsibility for all aspects of their school life.
  • All supporting adults are involved in the process.
  • Investors in Pupils builds on best practice which already exists in schools.
  • Additionally, Investors in Pupils provides evidence for Every Child Matters and Ofsted requirements.

Investors in Pupils at Stapeley Broad Lane CE Primary School

We recognised that we already had many of the important features embedded into our ethos, but that we could improve these still further. We particularly wanted to involve the pupils more in the running of their school, by improving their understanding of how our school works and the roles of the adults within it. We felt this would further improve relationships across the school at all levels.

Each class has its own Investors in Pupils display board which contains:

A statement about how they want their class to be. This is based on five key areas – learning, attendance, behaviour, induction and class management.
Individual pupil targets – set by the children themselves
A class target, where everyone’s efforts count towards its achievement.
An induction booklet to give to new staff or pupils to help them settle in.
In addition, there are display boards in the hall which summarise Investors in Pupils, explain how the school budget is used and an attendance display.

Our headteacher explained in an assembly how much it costs to educate each of us and where the money goes!

We have all decided to work on our own targets which are included on our class Investors in Pupils' boards.

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