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Stapeley Broad Lane CofE Primary School



Stapeley Broad Lane CE Primary School is a single academy trust which is governed by a group of volunteers who represent different aspects of our community.  These are held to account for the running of the school by our Members.
Members as at 01/12/2020
  • Chester Diocese of Education
  • Su Turner
  • Matt Vickers
  • Jane Welsh
  • Roy Smith (Chair of Governors)
Tim Marsden resigned as a Member on 30/11/2020
Richard Morgan-Wynne resigned as a Member on 30/11/2020
Sarah Parker resigned as a Member on 30/11/2020
Our Governing Body reports directly to Members and is composed of 12 governors:
currently under construction
Roy Smith (Chair of Governors)

Roy Smith (Chair)

Co-opted by the Governing Body until December 2022

Roy was co-opted to the Governing Board in December 2018 and elected as Chair in 2019.

All three of Roy's children have benefitted from attending the school and Roy lives in the local area.

Roy brings with him over 25 years' experience in a variety of business management roles for a global provider of water, hygiene and infection prevention services.


Health and Safety Lead Governor 

Link Governor for PE and Sport

Richard Morgan-Wynne (Vice Chair and Chair of Finance and Audit Committee)

Nominated by St Chad's PCC until 29 November 2024

One of the Founding Members of the Academy Trust, Richard has lived in Nantwich all his life and started school in 1964 at Stapeley Broad Lane; since then his own children, Sally and James, have passed through the school and his wife Karen is now a teaching assistant in Class 3.
Richard worked as a solicitor specialising in commercial property and agricultural matters in Nantwich for many years, and now works part time as a Locum Solicitor around the country. Outside of the office, Richard is a committed supporter of the local community and holds a number of trustee and director positions for local charities.
In his spare time, Richard enjoys cycling, golf, skiing and sailing and has previously taken part in the Fastnet Race and has sailed to Iceland via the Shetlands and the Faroe Islands.


Lead Governor for finance

Link Governor for English

Tim Marsden

Co-opted by the Governing Body until 24 April 2024

One of the founding Members of the Academy Trust, Tim has been with the governing body of the school for a considerable time and has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role.

Both of Tim's children have attended the school.

Lead Governor for PE Grant

Link Governor for the Arts

Ian Shackleton

Gillian Tucker Governor

Ian Shackleton


Gillian Tucker

Nominated by Chester Diocesan Board of Education until November 2023

Gillian is a Foundation Governor through  her membership of St Chad’s Church Wybunbury where she is church warden.

She is a grandparent of two boys and is now retired. Previously Gillian worked as a mathematics teacher.

Gillian is link governor for Religious Education and Collective Worship

Lead Governor for Pupil Premium and Looked After Children.

Jennifer Holden

Deputy Head and Associate Governor

I have been a primary school teacher for over 20 years, in this time I have taught in Key Stage 1, 2 and the Early Years. For many years, my role has been SEN co-ordinator and deputy Safeguarding Lead, supporting children and their families, recently I have taken on the role of Deputy Head. I have been lucky to teach in many different types of schools over the country and have now been at Stapeley Broad Lane for over 7 years.

I am passionate about helping all children succeed to the best of their ability, supporting families as well as making the curriculum memorable and exciting! I have a keen interest in early intervention, children’s emotional well-being, Literacy and safeguarding.

Away from school, I am a mum of three who enjoys long walks with the family, cooking and reading.

Marco Cura

Marco Cura

Elected by staff until September 2024

I have worked as a teacher at SBL for 11 years and recently joined the Governing Body as a Staff Governor. 

I thoroughly enjoy working here and am passionate about achieving the best outcomes for children.  I have spent many years as PE co-ordinator and recently became responsible for ICT and STEM. 

I am keen to improve and enhance opportunities for children to visit local community businesses, as we help them to acquire the skills needed for the 21st century.



Fiona Hartley

Co-opted by Members until 29 November 2024

Fiona has been a part of the Stapeley Broad Lane community since September 2012 when her daughter joined the school. Her son is currently in Year 4.

Fiona has 25 years of experience in education settings, and is currently Vice Principal of a large academy in Stoke and is designated safeguarding lead, overseeing pastoral care. She is an SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) advising and supporting other professionals across different phases of education in addressing the areas of behaviour, attendance and safeguarding.


Hannah Hukins

Nominated by Parents until 31 December 2023

My name is Hannah and I have one child at Broad Lane and another at Brine Leas.  I bring a wealth of expertise in safeguarding children to my role as parent governor. Over the last 13 years I have supported children, young people and their families and coordinated services supporting vulnerable young people at risk of harm.

Now more than ever, safeguarding and mental health are a top priority globally due to the Covid pandemic, and schools will play a key role in providing this support for our children.

I am very excited to be a Governor at Stapeley Broad Lane!


Lead Governor for Safeguarding.

Jo O'Brien

Sarah Renshaw

Jo O'Brien

Nominated by Parents until 31 December 2023

Jo became a parent governor in January 2021 and currently has two children at Stapeley Broad Lane Primary school.  Her daughter is now in her final year so the family have been a Stapeley Broad Lane family for almost seven years - and still have another three to go!  

Jo works at Bentley Motors as a senior communications manager and has wide- ranging experience in communications and stakeholder engagement.

Lead governor for Special Educational Needs

Link Governor for Science / STEM


Sarah Renshaw

Nominated by Parents until 31 December 2023

I am Sarah, I have a child currently in year 2 and two older children (adults) who have gone through the full education system.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to be a parent governor; I am looking forward to supporting SBL to continue to provide excellence in education and building relationships between the parents and the school.

Governor Responsibility for Governor Training Liaison

Link Governor for Humanities.


Our Board of Governors

Mr Ian Shackleton (Head - ex-officio governor)

Mr Marco Cura (Elected by staff until September 2024)

Mrs Hannah Hukins (Elected by parents until 31 December 2023)

Mrs Jo O'Brien (Elected by parents until 31 December 2023)

Ms Sarah Renshaw (Elected by parents until 31 December 2023)

Mr Tim Marsden (Co-opted by the Governing Body until 24 April 2024)

Mr Richard Morgan (Vice-chair of Governors  - nominated by St Chad's PCC until 29 November 2024) 

Mrs Gillian Tucker (Nominated by Chester Diocesan Board of Education until November 2023)

Mrs Fiona Hartley (Co-opted by Members until 29 November 2024)

Mr Roy Smith (Chair of Governors, co-opted by the Governing Body until December 2022)

Mrs Jen Holden (Associate Governor)


Governors who have resigned or who's term of office expired in the past 12 months:

Mr Les Hodgkison (Elected by parents until 30 January 2021)

Mrs Rebecca Hayter (Elected by parents until December 2020)

Mr Matthew Vickers (Elected by parents until December 2020)

Mrs Sarah Parker (Co-opted by the Governing Body resigned 21 September 2021)

Mrs Jane Welsh (Elected by staff, resigned 31st August 2020)

Mrs Laura Smallwood (Elected by staff, resigned 31st August 2021)



Governors' attendance information for 2020/21 can be found here and for 2019/20 here.

Governors' pecuniary interests can be found here.


Our governing body meets at least six times each year and is supported by our Finance and audit committee which also meets at least  six times each year.  The terms of reference for the finance and audit committee can be found here.

What do Governors do?

An academy governor acts as the critical friend of the headteacher and senior leadership team, and provides support and challenge. The key responsibilities of the governing body include:

  • establishing the strategic direction of the school;
  • challenging and monitoring the performance of the academy;
  • ensuring good financial health and probity;
  • ensuring that key players with a stake in the organisation get their voices heard..

In fulfilling these responsibilities an effective governing body will:

  • help the school to set high standards by planning for the school’s future and setting targets for school improvement;
  • be a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice;
  • help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community;
  • make the school accountable to the public for what it does;
  • work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping these under review;
  • exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the headteacher and staff; and
  • not intervene in the day-to-day management of the school unless there are weaknesses in the school, when it then has a duty to take action.


Proposed dates of Board Meetings 2021 - 22

  • Monday 20th September  2021 
  • Monday 18th October 2021 
  • Monday 6th December 2021
  • Monday 31st January 2022 
  • Monday 14th March 2022 
  • Monday 16th May 2022  
  • Monday 20th June 2022 
  • Monday 18th July 2022


Proposed dates of Finance and Audit Committee Meetings 2021 - 22

  • Thursday 7th October 2021 
  • Thursday 18th November 2021 
  • Thursday 13th January 2022 
  • Thursday 3rd March 2022
  • Thursday 5th May 2022
  • Thursday 24th June 2022 

How Can I Join?

Governors are either elected by parents or staff or may be co-opted by members where the Board has established a need for a particular set of skills and experience.  If you would be interested in becoming a co-opted governor, please email the clerk in the first instance at