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Stapeley Broad Lane CofE Primary School

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage, Reception Class.

Curriculum & Class Info - Class R

Book we will be enjoying this half term: Please can you help?!

Homework Diary

We will send these home every Friday for your child to record what they have been up to over the weekend.

This can be in any format; a picture, drawing, photograph, souvenir etc...

Please return to school at the start of each week for us to have a look through.


During afternoon playtime (2:30pm) children are invited to bring in a 'small' healthy snack.  We have worked very hard for our healthy school status and ask for your help in maintaining this. Healthy snacks can be fruit, a cereal bar, crackers or something similar. Please do not send in crisps, sweets, chocolate or cake.

Also drinks bottles should have only water in them.

We really appreciate your support with this.

The Colour Monster

by Ann Llenas


Once there were giants

by Martin Waddell


A chair for baby bear

by Kay Umansky and Chris Fisher


Human life cycles by Anita Ganeri


Goldilocks and the three bears (various versions)

The Gingerbread Man (various versions)

There are a few little jobs that you can help your child with in order to ease transition times during the day. When children are struggling with these jobs they can get very frustrated if there is no one available immediately to support them. We do our absolute best to get to each child as quickly as possible but with 30 little people this can take a while (sometimes ALL of playtime!).

So if you can encourage your child to learn these skills with growing independence we would be very, very grateful:

  • I can turn my jumper/cardigan/coat the correct way in when it is inside-out
  • I can attempt to open my own snack