Pupil Achievement

Comparative Results 2016

We are delighted with the attainment of last year's Y6 class, even though the end of Key Stage tests were made harder in 2016 and children were not given the normal amount of time to prepare for them. Across the country, despite their hard work and talents many children have not achieved the new expected standards in these tests, indeed for Key Stage 2; the combined percentage for Reading, Writing and Maths across the country is 53% this year — much lower than previous years, where around 80% of children achieved the expected standard.

This is a result of changes to the National Curriculum and a resetting of the expected standard — it in no way represents the progress and achievements of our children in 2016. We are confident that all of the children made great strides in their learning and are pleased that, despite the range of changes and short timescales the children were subject to, they achieved strong results in very challenging circumstances.

Key Stage 2 Results 2016

In 2016, 65% of Year 6 achieved the Expected Standard or above in reading, writing and mathematics (against 53% nationally).

10% achieved the higher level of attainment in reading, writing and mathematics                       (against 5% nationally).


% Achieved Expected Standard School National
Reading 87% 66%
Writing 77% 74%
Maths 68% 70%
% Achieved a High Level of Attainment School National
Reading 32% 19%
Writing 13% 15%
Maths 13% 17%
Average Scaled Scores School National
Reading 106 103
Maths 104 103

Progress Scores

Reading  +1.69 Writing   -0.98 Maths   -0.55

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